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Miniaturenland is exclusive importer and distributor of Dark Sword (Darksword) Miniatures. Dark Sword is a manufacturer of premium miniatures for Tabletop- and role playing games. The miniatures are inspired by the great fantasy artists Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley. The figures are sculpted by Tom Meier, Dennis Mize and Dave Summers, the best sculptors around. Miniaturenland is the only importer in Germany distributes the miniatures to stores and ships to customers directly likewise.

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2nd German Dark Sword Painting Award

Painting Contest "Golden Dragon" at the DUZI

Prices worth 400 Euros

Golden Dragon 2006

Miniaturenland invites you to take part in the Golden Dragon painting contest at the DUZI on October 13/14, 2007 in Wesel/Germany. Prices of a total value of not less than 400 Euros wait for you. Pick up your brush and choose your favourite Dark Sword miniature. Paint it and submit it to the first German Dark Sword painting contest. Participation is free.


Not Dark Sword only!

This year the special award for the best 30-54mm pirate figure is open to miniatures of any manufacturer. So, paint up one of the new Limited Edition Dark Sword Pirate Chicks or take one from another manufacturer, e.g. the excellent ones by Werner Klocke of Freebooter or one from the cool bunch of pirates by Adam Clarke of Black Scorpion Miniatures.


Special Price for Every Junior

Every painter at an age of 15 or less, who submits at least one entry may pick one Dark Sword miniature of his choice (Limited Editions excluded) or get a discount of 5 Euros on his next purchase.


Need Inspiration? Take a Look At The Winners of 2006!

Last year's winners and entries are still listet below on this page.

Golden Dragon 2007

The Great Dark Sword Special Award at the DUZI

Goldene DUZI 2006Miniaturenland presents the painting competition "Golden Dragon" (GoD) 2007. The GoD is a purpose-built glas trophy for the winner. Plus, there is a considerable number of attractive prices. The contest is a special Dark Sword manufacturer award category as official part of the painting contest Goldene DUZI at the pewter miniature fair DUZI.

When and Where?

The GoD is part of the goldene DUZI competition, the inofficial German painting championships. The DUZI takes place in Wesel, Germany (North of Duisburg) on October 13 - 14, 2007. You will find a small roadmap here, the location of Wesel at Google Maps here and the official website of the DUZI at (German only).

Alternately, you can submit your entry by sending them to Miniaturenland in advance. Miniaturenland presents the miniatures for you at the show. The chances of winning are identical. For further information see below.


And that is what it's all about

The awards are:

Golden Dragon

Best in Show - Golden Dragon 2007

The Golden Dragon goes to the best Dark Sword miniature at all. The winner gets the glas trophy "Golden Dragon 2007", a certificate, 30 Euros in cash and a gift certificate worth another 30 Euros for the Miniaturenland Online Store.

2nd Place

The runner-up will receive a certificate and a gift coupon worth 20 Euro for the Miniaturenland Online Store.

3rd Place

The painter who ranks third will get a certificate and a gift coupon worth 10 Euro for the Miniaturenland Online Store.


Piratenbraut von Marike

This year we've got a special price for the best painted pirate (scale: 30-54mm). Any manufacturer is allowed in this category. The winner receives a gift certificate worth 20 Euros and one Limited Edition Dark Sword single miniature of his choice like for example one of the new hot pirate chicks!

Special Award Diorama

Sonderpreis Diorama

The best diorama or vignette will be awarded with a special price. The winner will receive a signed & numbered Limited Edition lithograph by Larry Elmore from our range like "Mountain Conflict" (30'' x 22''), the Dark Sword dragon boxed set #1 "Mountain Conflict", and the three Dark Sword single miniatures (female archer, wizard, fighter), which are based upon the same painting worth a total of 66 Euros.

Any diorama or vignette with at least two miniatures and a terrain base is qualified for the contest. The miniatures may be detachable, but they must fit seamlessly into the terrain.

Special Award Big Dude

Special Price Big DudeThe best large-sized miniature of the contest will be awarded with another special price. The winner gets a signed & numbered Limited Edition lithograph by Larry Elmore from our range like the painting "Crimson Dawn" (19'' x 27 '') and the Dark Sword dragon boxed set "Easley Dragon" worth 50 Euros.

The giants, dragons and the 54mm "Journey to the Gathering" set are legitimate entries for this special award.

Terms & Conditions

The participation is free of charge. Any miniature produced by Dark Sword (or Ral Partha if there is an equivalent release by Dark Sword like "Avalyne the Life Giver" or "Shadamehr encounters Baak'esh Va" from the Sterling Collection or the "Golden Dragon of Chaos", even if Dark Sword didn't include certain parts in the rereleased version like the knight Shadamehr) may be submitted as long as the entry doesn't violate the rights of a third party. Entries of previous Miniaturenland painting competitions are excluded. Commission jobs for Miniaturenland or Dark Sword, Inc. are excluded. Multiple entries are allowed.

Entry deadline is Sunday, October 14, at 11 a.m.. Please note, that all miniatures stay at the exhibition table until 5 p.m.

The prices and gift certificates can't be payed out cash.

These conditions are subject to change at any time.

Submitting Contest Entries by Mail

If you're not able to attend the DUZI show in Wesel, you may send your miniatures to Miniaturenland in advance. Please see to it that the miniatures are received (undamaged) by Miniaturenland at the following address by Thursday, Oktober, 11.

Miniaturenland GbR
z.Hd. Ralph Kiesewetter
Dompfaffweg 3
64291 Darmstadt

Please fill in the application form and enclose one completed form for each entry with your package.

Buying Offer for Contest Entries

Money! Money! Money!

Miniaturenland may offer to buy submitted miniatures at an attractive price. Participants may choose to sell their miniatures or not. Just denote a suggested price on your application form. Miniaturenland buys the miniatures to present them at conventions or events and publish pictures of them online in the official German Dark Sword catalogue. The seller agrees to that usage.

Miniaturenland will always credit the painter. The seller preserves the right to publish pictures of the miniature for any purpose.

Picture Usage Agreement

Every participant agrees that pictures of all exhibits will be shot and published on the internet.


Golden Dragon 2006

1st Place and Winner of the Golden Dragon Trophy: Dirk Stiller with "Baakesh Va"

Dirk Stiller was a worthy winner of the first Golden Dragon competition. He entered his Baak-Giant "Baakesh Va". The figure received 63 out of 70 Points. He won 40 Euros cash, a 40 Euro gift certificate for Dark Sword miniatures and the glas Trophy Golden Dragon.

Baakesh Va

2nd Place: Dirk Bröning and Stefan Sturm

Dirk Bröning with "King Ploogak" and Stefan Sturm with "Shaheena" received 54 out of 70 Points and tied for second place. Both received a gift certificate worth 30 Euros.



Special Price Big Dude

Besides the overall title "best of show" Dirk Stiller won the special price "Big Dude" with his "Baakesh Va" entry. He received a limited edition lithograph of the painting "Crimson Dawn" by Larry Elmore along with the Miniature of the Elmore dragon set "Crimson Dawn" as a signed & numbered Edition of the first 99 pieces.

Baakesh Va

Special Price Diorama

Horst Pietsch won the special price for the best diorama with "Der goldene Drache".

Golden Dragon Diorama

Golden Dragon Diorama

Golden Dragon Diorama

Special Price Conversion

The special price "Conversion" for the best sculpt or converted Dark Sword miniature went to Florian Weinheimer, who sculpted a barbarian after a painting by Clyde Caldwell.


Other Participants

Miniaturenland would like to thank all other participants who all received an above-average rating:

Marcus Pohlmann with "Green Witch Variant"

Green Witch

Oliver Klon with "Prince of the North"

Prince of the North

Florian Weinheimer with "Amazone"


Martin Wenzel with "Demorgan"


Sabine Wolfmeier with "Green Witch"

Green Witch


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